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International Ultraviolet Association (IUVA)
International Ultraviolet Association

Air Conditioning Contractors of America
Air Conditioning Contractors of America

International Facility Management Association
International Facility Management Association

Indoor Air Quality Association
Indoor Air Quality


In 1995 the founder of Enhance-It, LLC began researching the UV light purification technology. At that time it was available only for hospitals and commercial settings because of its cost. The first affordable, fully certified residential UV air cleaner was developed in 1998.

In 1999 Enhance-It, LLC was founded as a marketing company oriented toward products that enhance the quality of life. Hence the motto: Making Your Life Better. At that time Enhance-It team started marketing the first UV Light Air Cleanser. It soon became the number one selling residential UV air cleanser. Over time the UV Light technology proved itself so fascinating and promising that Enhance-It focused entirely on ultraviolet products.

Until 2002 Enhance-It specialized in residential UV products with emphasis on the American-Lights® UV air cleaner (formerly Northern Lights UV Air Cleanser). In January 2002 a strategic partnership with American Ultraviolet Company was formed and a full commercial line of ultraviolet products was added to the catalog. The marketing initiatives were broadened to encompass the entire spectrum of customers for residential and commercial products.

In recent years the consumer awareness of UV Light Technology has increased tremendously and the volume of business started taking overwhelming proportions so a new company - American Air & Water®, Inc - was created in place of the privately owned Enhance-It, LLC. American Air & Water®, Inc. is focused on the Germicidal UV technology and its applications in air, surface and water sterilization for residential, commercial and industrial settings.

Over the past years American Air & Water has become a leading provider of UVGI air, surface and water purification solutions and supplier of UVGI products. The UVC products represented by American Air & Water are at the cutting edge of the UV technology. The Company’s proprietary UV air cleaners have been installed in homes and businesses across the USA and abroad.

American Air & Water is a government approved vendor and has delivered UVC products to Navy Vessels, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Emergency Operations Center and different educational facilities including the University of Virginia, the University of Washington, the University of Kansas, and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

American Air & Water, Inc. is a member of IUVA and contributes to development and popularizing the UVGI Standards and Guidelines.

As a member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, International Facility Management Association and the Indoor Air Quality Association, American Air & Water, Inc. works diligently to provide its fellow members a better understanding of the problems and challenges of keeping a healthy and energy efficient indoor environment. In addition, we provide the best products and equipment to improve the indoor environment and keep it free of microbial contamination.

American Air & Water®, Inc. was granted trademark registration on February 20, 2007 and was accorded a Trademark Registration Number 3211740 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Warren Lynn, President of American Air & Water®, Inc. said: "Obtaining the trademark registration is very important to us because in addition to the significant value added to our company, this milestone enables us to continue to achieve our long term goals of expansion in many ways by increasing our products and services as well as our distribution network and franchising."

In 2008 American Air & Water®, Inc. became an approved government vendor.

Presently the company holds two GSA Multiple Awards Schedule contracts. Contract GS-07F-0256U is for UV systems and ultraviolet lamps and GS-07F-0178V for Sporicidin Disinfectant and antibacterial products.

UV History
o Beginning of Time – UV light starts radiating from the sun
o 1877 – Discovery – Sunlight kills bacteria
o 1897 – Discovery – UV kills anthrax, cholera, the plague, dysentery and tuberculosis*
o 1903 – Nobel Prize – To Neils Finsen for his clinical application of UV light therapy
o 1928 – UV light proves successful in killing viruses unresponsive to any other therapy
o 1930 – Thousands with infections saved with UV transfusions
o 1936 – Duke Medical Center begins using UV lights
o 1960 – American Ultraviolet is formed
o 1998 – 1st affordable, fully certified residential UV Air Cleanser is developed
o 1999 – Enhance-It is formed and begins marketing Northern Lights / Eclipse, the #1 selling residential UV Air Cleanser
o 2001 – 1st high-output lamp / bulb is utilized by Enhance-It
o 2002 – American Air & Water®, Inc. is formed
o 2002 – Name change: Northern Lights™ to American-Lights®
o 2002 – Enhance-It starts marketing commercial UV products
o 2003 – American Air & Water®, Inc. continues to expand distribution and maintains exceptional growth
o 2005 – American Air & Water®, Inc. as a corporate member of the International Ultraviolet Association contributes to the development of UVGI Guidelines.
o 2005 – American Air & Water®, Inc. is a member of ACCA - the Air Conditioning Contractors of America nationwide association representing the HVACR industry for over 40 years
o 2006 – American Air & Water®, Inc. becomes a member of IFMA - the International Facility Management Association and IAQA - the Indoor Air Quality Association
o 2007 – American Air & Water®, Inc. is granted trademark registration by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
o 2008 – American Air & Water®, Inc. is awarded GSA contract number GS-07F-0256U for the American-Lights UV air cleaner and AAWHO/14 UV lamps.
o 2009 – American Air & Water®, Inc. is awarded GSA contract number GS-07F-0178V for Sporicidin® Disinfectant and Antimicrobial Lotion Soap

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