Closed End Germicidal UV Surface Sterilizers

CE Germicidal UV Disinfection System for Ultraviolet Surface Sterilization

In various models with UV lamp configurations of one to four, the CE UV surface sterilizers direct and confine the ultraviolet light to specific areas. The Closed End reflector UV surface sterilizers are designed for use over conveyor lines, laboratory benches and ventilation hoods or with adjustable legs for UV product sterilization. The UV lamp lengths are 4, 6, 8, 12, 18 & 36 inches with germicidal ultraviolet (UVC) and/or blacklight ultraviolet. Custom UV systems also available.

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CE UV Surface Sterilizers Technical Specifications - best viewed on large screens

Single UV Lamp Models UV Lamp UV Watts Length UV Lamp Life
CE-36 UV Fixture GML005 13.8 37 12,000 hours
CE-10-SL UV Fixture GML060 5.3 19 12,000 hours
CE-30-H UV Fixture GML220 8.3 37 8,000 hours
CE-25-H UV Fixture GML215 5.0 19 8,000 hours
CE-15-H UV Fixture GML210 3.6 19 8,000 hours