Corner Mount UV Air Cleaners

Corner Mount CM Indirect Germicidal UV Air Cleaners

CM15 UV air cleaner shown.

Designed to mount in room corners with two keyhole slots at a height of seven feet, these attractive indirect UV air cleaners incorporate one high intensity UV lamp and cover up to 75 square feet. The Corner Mount UV air cleaners optional equipment includes an eight-foot power cord and an on/off switch.

The high intensity UV lamp is installed with reflectors for equal distribution of the germicidal UV irradiation. The louver restricts and concentrates the ultraviolet rays above eye level so personnel can occupy the room while the air cleaners are operating. These UV air cleaners are shipped fully assembled with UV lamps and two electrical knockouts on top and bottom for wiring access.

Corner Mount UV Air Cleaners Technical Specs:

Standard: 120V/60Hz, 1Amp. Optional: 220V/50Hz
UV Lamp model: One high intensity UV lamp per unit
Sq. Ft. coverage: 75 sq. ft. with 7' ceiling.

Check and clean the UV lamp regularly. Annual lamp replacement strongly recommended.
9,000 hours rated lamp life with effective UV output at 253.7nm.

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