Door Barriers Germicidal Fixtures

DB-36 UV air cleaner shown

The DB UV air cleaner is fabricated of heavy gauge electro-welded steel with white enamel finishing.

By creating a curtain of germicidal ultraviolet rays, this UV air cleaner provides effective control of airborne microorganisms between areas. It confines the germicidal UV radiation to a narrow beam, providing full coverage of a three-foot doorway. Larger openings require multiple UV air cleaners. The ultraviolet lamp is positioned behind concentrating louvers for maximum UV effectiveness and personnel safety.

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DB UV Air Cleaners Technical Specifications

Length: 37", Height: 7", Depth: 4"

Complete with 8' service cord, pull chain switch, Slimline UV lamp. Ready surface installation possible with "keyhole" slot, as well as additional screw holes in back mounting plate. Louvers remove for easy lamp maintenance with fixture in place.

Electrical specs: 39W, 118V/60Hz
Also available: 220V/50Hz or 277V/60Hz

Replacement UV lamp:  GML005WARNING: Care should be taken to ensure that people are not exposed to direct or reflected UV light. Before lamp cleaning or relamping always turn the power OFF.