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Mobile UV Room Sterilizer




Mobile UV Room Sterilizer MRS4HO14T with 4 High Output UV Lamps
Mobile UV Sterilizers with 4 UV lamps
MRS4HO14T UV System in Operation

The UV Mobile Room Sterilizer (MRS) features 4 shatter-proof coated High Output ultraviolet lamps for infection control through total room irradiation with germicidal UV. The MRS UV units are designed for virtually any room that needs air and surface disinfection, including sterile areas, laboratories, unoccupied patient rooms, clean rooms and all other applications, like hotel rooms, where permanent fixtures are not practical. Each UV unit is equipped with casters for maximum portability, a 25’ power cord, on/off switch with 2min delay, timer and carry handle.

Germicidal UV lamps - 4 AAWHO/14T shatter-proof coated High Output UVC lamps (106µW/cm² UV intensity @ 1m each lamp)

MRS UV Unit Dimensions - 12”L x 12”W x 24”H

These UV units are shipped assembled and wired for 120V, 60Hz operation with a standard 25’ power cord. The only procedure necessary is removing of the protective cover (Fig. 1) and powering the unit. Two pairs of protective UV goggles are included with each unit.

Mobile UV Sterilizer MRS4HO14T General Operation:

UV Mobile Room Sterilizer - Cover On
Fig 1. MRS4HO14T with the Cover On for Transportation

1. Put protective goggles on
2. Position unit in center of area to be exposed to germicidal UV light
3. Plug unit into 120V, 60Hz outlet
4. Set timer (Fig. 2) to the desired exposure time BEFORE pressing the Start switch *
5. Press the Start /power on/ switch (Fig. 2)
6. Leave the room. Keep the UV goggles with you in case you need to reenter the room while the UV system is still in operation
7. Make sure that no one enters the room while UV is on. Lock the door(s) and place Do NOT Enter! signs.
8. Disinfection cycle begins after 120seconds (2min) and will continue for the preset time until the timer turns the unit off
9. Reposition the unit to cover any shadowed areas, if needed, and repeat the procedure
10. Check and clean the UV lamps regularly. Annual lamp replacement recommended. Avoid exposure to direct or reflected UV light.
* Once the power is turned on, the timer cannot be adjusted. Turn the unit off and reset the timer if the LED display shows a different amount of time than preferred.

UV Mobile - Timer and Start Switch
Fig 2. Timer and Start Switch with 2min Delay

Every infection control department should have this infection control system.

To calculate the exposure time - divide the desired UV dose by the UV intensity at any specific distance.

UV intensity in microwatt-seconds per square centimeter (µW/cm²) at:
6" - 2,734
12” - 1,373
24” - 493
39” (1m) - 212
60” - 95
120” - 24

For example: to find out the exposure time for 99.9% inactivation of MRSA - a UV dose of 12,100µW-sec/cm² - at a 10’ distance divide 12,100 by 24 = 504 seconds (about 9 minutes)

UV dose needed for 3-log (99.9%) inactivation of:

MRSA - 12,100µW-sec/cm²
C.diff (spores) - 11,500µW-sec/cm²
VRE - 8,400µW-sec/cm²

See additional UV dose at: UV dose

Fomites and Infection Transmission

German researchers found that viruses and bacteria, including VRE, MRSA, TB, C.diff and Streptococcus can survive for months on dry surfaces. These pathogens are frequently found in patients with nosocomial infections. In the hospital environment, surfaces with which hands come in contact are often contaminated with nosocomial pathogens, and may serve as vectors for cross-transmission. Contaminated hands can transfer germs to five more surfaces or 14 other subjects and can also be the source of recontaminating the surface.

"Compliance rates of healthcare workers in hand hygiene are known to be around 50%. Due to the overwhelming evidence of low compliance with hand hygiene, the risk from contaminated surfaces cannot be overlooked.” said the researchers.

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Warning: Avoid exposure to direct or reflected UV light. Always unplug the unit before any maintenance or lamp replacement is performed.

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