SB Residential UV Water Systems

​SB Residential UV Water Systems

SB UV Water Systems Key Benefits

  • Proven chemical free disinfection
  • Effective on a wide range of pathogens and parasites including Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Economical to operate and maintain
  • Easy to service

SB - A Complete Line of Residential/Commercial UV Water Purifiers

American Air & Water, Inc. offers a complete line of UV water disinfection systems for residential and commercial applications. The Sunburst™ Series, manufactured by Siemens Water Technologies, provides a premier system to meet any requirements. The UV systems come in a number of configurations.

SB Systems are complete UV water disinfection systems for water flow rates from 1 to 50GPM.

SB-DOH Systems meet the requirements of many of the nation’s health agencies. These UV systems come standard with several built-in safety features including: UV monitoring, water flow control, automatic shut-off valve, two-minute warm-up delay, quartz cleaning, remote audible and visual alarms. The SB-DOH systems provide high UV dose exceeding 40mJ/cm² at end of lamp life.

The SBW UV water disinfection systems come with built-in manual quartz wiping mechanisms.

The water disinfection applications include: Private Wells, Camps / Cottages, Aquaculture, Marine.

The SB UV water purifiers are capable of treating small to mid size water flow projects. Ultraviolet (UV) disinfection is a proven, dependable and effective method for eradicating microorganisms present in the water source. UV radiation with 253.7 nanometer wavelength is extremely effective in killing microorganisms such as bacteria (E. coli), viruses (poliovirus, influenza, hepatitis), protozoan cysts (Cryptosporidium, Giardia Lamblia), yeasts and molds. UV in this range targets the DNA of the microbial contaminants and renders them non-viable. Cryptosporidium and Giardia are not susceptible to chlorine but tests have shown that they are easily inactivated by a relatively small UV dose.

The operating temperature of the UV water systems range from 33° F to 100° F.

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Ultraviolet Water Systems Lamps And Quartz Sleeves

UV Lamp Model SIEMENS ultraviolet lamps & quartz sleeves LIMITED TIME OFFER
LP4105 AAE1193 - GPH357T5L  4P SB7 GUS7 UDC 8060
LP4425 AAE1295 - GHO357 T5L 4P high output UV lamp Buy Now
LP4435 AAE1298 - GHO36T5L/4P YELLOW STEP base
LP4390 AAE1283 - GPH64T5L/4P DYS
QZ0285 AAE1613 - Quartz sleeve for SB-15,20,30,50, OPEN
QZ0235 AAE1592 - Quartz sleeve for SB-10, 7, Domed
BP6050 AAE2201 - SB-50 DOH Control box / Power Supply
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SB UV Water Purifiers Features

  • Heavy duty construction
  • Electro-polished 304 SS pressure Vessel
  • 100 PSI operating pressure
  • Visual lamp out alarms
  • Audible lamp out alarms (SB-7 through SB-20)
  • Flow controls (SB-7 through SB-20)
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting
  • High-intensity, long life UV lamps
  • High Performance Electronic Ballast

UV Water Systems Optional Features

  • Manual quartz cleaning system
  • Shut-off valves
  • UV monitor
  • Remote audible / visual alarms
  • 230V single phase
  • Larger systems for flows > 50 USGPM

SB UV Water Purifiers Technical Data
(best viewed on large screens)

Models Max Water Flow GPM * Replacement UV Lamp
SB-1 1 LP4235
SB-7 7 LP4105
SB-10 10 LP4425
SB-15 15 LP4050
SB-20 20 LP4435
SB-30 30 LP4395
SB-40 40 LP4775
SB-50 50 LP4435

* Capacity at a UV Dose of 40mJ/cm² at end of lamp life and UV Transmittance of 98%.